Grilled Salmon, Bacon & Brie Ciabatta Buns

If you eat carbohydrates, you should be eating ciabatta buns. This chewy yet fluffy-bellied bread transformed me from an impassive bun-eater into . . . well, let’s simply say I’d never turn one down.

You get some omega 3s from the salmon, while the bacon, cheese and pesto amp the fat content to keep you satisfied. Serve it with extra salad if you’re as vegetable fiendish as I am!

I’ve given amounts to make one ciabatta. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to only make one (even if you were eating alone!) but I feel this makes calculations a little easier. Also, who measures out a slice of cheese? It’s true – if you’re counting macros, you might need to weigh your cheddar. For the rest of us, a handful is a handful – as you see fit.

Serves 1 – multiply according to numbers

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes


– 1 rasher streaky bacon, halved

– butter, to spread

– 80 grams fresh salmon (fillet)

– 1/2 teaspoon lemon pepper seasoning

– 1 ciabatta bun, sliced in half

– butter, to spread

– 1 slice cheese (I prefer Colby)

– 1 Tablespoon pesto

– small handful baby kale

– small handful shaved/ peeled carrot

– small handful sango sprouts

– 2-3 slices brie cheese, to your liking

– fresh lemon juice (or vinnaigrette), to serve


1. Place the streaky bacon in a non-stick frying pan. Set the hob to high heat and dry-fry that bacon until it’s crisp. Meanwhile, preheat your oven’s grill to 200 degrees Celsius.

2. Pop the salmon in an oven-proof baking dish and rub over the lemon pepper. Place the ciabatta on a baking tray (lined with baking paper if desired), and spread butter over the ‘bottom’ half. Cover the other half with the cheese slice.

3. Put both the ciabatta and salmon in the oven to grill. The bread will be ready first: take it out when the cheese turns into a molten pool of bubbles. After a few minutes longer, remove the fish when its top is burnished and the interior is cooked to your liking.

4. Spread the bottom ciabatta half with pesto, then layer on the baby kale, carrot and sprouts. Slice the salmon and arrange on top, followed by the brie and bacon, then spritz it all with lemon juice. Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Double wow!!

  2. I love Salmon, it is so tasty, thanks

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