Creamy Golden Kiwifruit Thickshake


Being a New Zealander, I love my kiwifruit. However, nicely-ripe green ones are pretty hard to come across – so I usually settle for gold. Well, they certainly shine in this healthy thickshake!

I found the most wonderful, wide straws while in Auckland the other day. After searching for them for over a year, I was pretty ecstatic! I’m not kidding – I literally jumped in delight. In the middle of the store. Yes, I get very excited over anything culinary.


The kiwifruit load this with fibre, Vitamins C, E, and K, copper, manganese, potassium, and folate. I thickened mine with a pinch of guar gum, but you can leave this out if you don’t have any. Psyllium husks add more fibre, and I used milk and yoghurt for protein, fat, and calcium. This was la bomba!


Go on, start freezing those milk ice cubes. Who can turn down a chilled thickshake in the middle of . . . winter? I love a nice brainfreeze when it is raining outside. Mmm.


This recipe can be gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and vegan.

Serves 1

Preparation time: 5 minutes (plus freezing)


– 2/3 cup milk

– 2 golden kiwifruit, peeled and roughly chopped

– 1/3 teaspoon cinnamon, optional

– 1 teaspoon rice malt syrup or dextrose (I omitted)

– 1 teaspoon psyllium husks

– 1/4 teaspoon guar gum

– 1/3 cup unsweetened yoghurt


1. A few hours (or the night) before you want to make this, pour the first measure of milk into an ice cube tray. Freeze. Once solid, place in the blender with remaining ingredients. Blend until frosty and smooth.

2. Pour into a large glass and top with yoghurt, if desired. Serve with a large straw (optional?), and enjoy!


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